The World's off-season is our peak-season!


Arabian Epic Stage Race (Jordan) - Feb 2019

Stage 4: the final day of the first ever XCM Stage Race in Jordan, and an amazing place to finish.....one of the World's most historic sites - Petra!

Stage 3: a brutal stage, called the "Queen's Stage" for good reason. Climbing from 400m below seal-level (The Dead Sea) to the top of Mount Nebo resulted in 2,500m of climbing over a 60km distance. And the winds were furious!

Stage 2: ended at the Dead Sea. Amazing. The lowest point on Earth!

Stage 1: the Prologue in Wasfi Al Tal Forest, Amman. This is Day 1 of our 4-day stage race in Jordan!

Arabian Epic stage race (UAE) - Jan 2019

Stage 1: lot's of single-track, an amazing climb up and over the Hatta Dam, a fast flowing roll through Hatta's green plantation farms, as well as some terrific riding on natural goat and camel tracks in the wilderness. There was something for everyone in Stage 1!

Stage 2: the Queen Stage... where the central focus is on some of the most awesome off-road climbs in the UAE - one is locally known as "Jebel Pain", while the many others remain un-named, such is the remoteness of the route. Watch this and #beinspired!

Stage 3: the last day was a beauty. With a finish line in the Race Village in the beautiful 5* JA Hatta Fort Hotel, the UAE's premier MTB retreat, racers crossed that finish line extremely proud, extremely tired....but most of all.... #extremelyepic!


CLOSED - race completed

(17th-19th Jan 2019)

Stage Race (UAE)

CLOSED - race completed

(11th-14th Feb 2019)

Stage Race (Jordan)


(1st-3rd Mar 2019)

Stage Race (Oman)

The 2nd ever Stage Race in UAE is opening soon!

Starts 17th December 2019

Take part in the second edition of the UAE Stage Race!

After the success of the first ever XCM Stage Race held in the United Arab Emirates, you can now register early for the next one. Early-bird discounts will be offered as follows:

1st March - 30th April 2019: 33% discount

1st May - 30th June 2019: 20% discount

1st July - 31st August: 10% discount

30th October: Registration closes!

Next season's prices, packages and routes will be released on 28th Feb 2019.

Registration will open on 1st March 2019.

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CLOSED - race completed

(26th Oct 2018)

XCM RACE 1: Dubai (Hatta)

CLOSED - race completed

(16th Nov 2018)

XCM Race 2: Fujairah (Jebel Pain)

CLOSED - race completed

(30th Nov 2018)

XCM Race 3: Abu Dhabi (Al Ain)

CLOSED - race completed

(14th Dec 2018)

XCM Race 4: Fujairah (Yibir)

CLOSED - race completed

(18th Jan 2019)

XCM Race 5: Fujairah (Queen Stage)

CLOSED - race completed

(1st Feb 2019)

XCM Race 6: Dubai (Hatta)

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(23rd Mar 2019)

XCM Race 7: Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

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(5th April 2019)

XCM Race 8: Fujairah (Wadi Al Helo)

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(12th April 2019)

XCM Race 9: Ras Al Khaimah (Showka)


80km - 100km, 1,200m + climbing, less than 20% road, more than 5% single track


The Full Marathon (XCM 1.0) 

A demanding form of long-distance mountain bike racing, covering at least 80 kms in mountainous terrain. The races can be run over a single or multi-lap course, a significant test of endurance.

40km - 50km, 600m + climbing, less than 20% road, more than 5% single track


The Half Marathon (XCM 0.5) 

A demanding form of middle-distance mountain bike racing, covering between 40 - 50 kms in mountainous terrain. 

The races can be run over a single or multi-lap course, again testing endurance and providing a stepping stone to the full  marathon distance.

15km - 25km distance, some short climbs and relatively non-technical route


The Quarter Marathon (XCM 0.25) 

A less demanding form of short-distance mountain bike racing, covering between 15 - 25 kms in mountainous terrain. 

The races are generally over a single  lap course, introducing new riders to the sport and allowing juniors to develop the necessary race skills they'll soon need!




On-the spot repair and bike washing. 

Bikes can also be left with the mechanics at end of race if a full repair or scheduled service is required, and bike can be dropped off to owner at a pre-agreed date and time.

Nutrition & Hydration


Feedstations provided at strategically appointed locations, stocked with gels, bars, fruit and liquids and of course plenty of people to assist you.

Timing & Results


State of the art timing systems to record your performance and track your whereabouts.

Photos & Videos


Personal photos of you in action and with friends, provided free and these moments are captured by our own dedicated professional photgraphers

Recovery Zones


You get a free App with the following features:

LiveTracking, LiveRanking, Leaderboards, LiveVideoSelfies, Training plans, Push notifications, Interactive course maps, Weather forecast, Countdown clock, Extensive sponsor, and immediate social media upload functionality

Rewards & Giveaways


Everyone benefits - you'll get exclusive event t-shirts for finishing, goodies from local sponsors, vouchers from some big names, and maybe even an exclusive Arabian Epic Series cycling kit if you win the raffles. But everyone who crosses that finish line can wear the FINISHER's MEDAL with pride!