Event Summary

The 4-day Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Stage Race across the foothills of the Hajar Mountains is an experience like no other.

The rocky terrain, desert heat and winter sunshine make this a journey across truly unique scenery and shows the true nature of the United Arab Emirates.

This is the second edition of the race and takes place between the 18th - 21st December 2019. It is an individual race format across jeep tracks, through breathtaking wadis, over punishing climbs and lots of fun single track.

The Arabian Epic Team have invested a lot of time to make this a unique experience and find routes that can challenge every rider. 300km and 5,500m of climbing may not sound like the toughest race but when you take into account the desert heat and unforging terrain, it proves an epic challenge.

Our Race Villages are located in World Class Hotels so after a tough day in the saddle, you will arrive back to 5* facilities and hospitality. Enjoy a recovery swim, refreshments and camaraderie by the pool.

We guarantee it is a journey of self discovery and promise that you will be leaving the UAE with lifelong friends, memories and a great experience mountain biking in the Middle East.

18 - 21 Dec 2019

This is all about the 5* Experience

Enjoy all the facilities and comfort of the hotels where the Race Village is located. Our Hospitality Partner will look after your (and your bikes) every need.

4 days of exhilarating fun

Nobody is saying that this race is not challenging, but you cannot design a course out here that is not full of fun, excitement and adrenaline. That is what Dubai and the UAE is all about - full of entertainment, full of luxury, and full of amazing memories. That's exactly what we are saying. Long-lasting friendships await.

The race

4 luxury nights. 4 active days of MTB racing. Approx 300kms across mountain bike single-track, jeep trails, in wadis and through old villages. Over 5,000m of climbing in the Hajar mountain range, the largest in the UAE.