Routes are subject to change up until the morning of the Race Briefing.



Distance: 89.5KM, Elevation: 2150M

This is the QUEEN STAGE, the toughest and longest day with 4 grueling climbs, the most notorious being Jebel Pain! However, some say Jebel Pain is nothing compared to Wadi Pebble. Nicknamed after it's 15km 2% incline across gravel jeep tracks - its tested the mentality of many cyclists! But what goes up must come down and the descents are exhilarating, with the most beautiful plantations and rocky wadis in the UAE thrown in for rapid MTB racing fun. The road sections are absolutely serene. Watch out for the camels and wild mountain goats. Control that mountain bike! 

STAGE 2: Fujairah to Hatta


Distance: 84KM, Elevation: 1300M

Pan - Emirate. Leaving from the East Coast of the UAE and moving in-land. This stage takes you through amazing wadi's and across untouched areas in the Arabian wilderness. Once off the tarmac road leading out of Fujairah, the natural camel tracks take you through the most raw and unforgiving landscape this region has to offer. 

We brush alongside the Oman border in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains along quiet serene country roads.

This stage finishes in the 5* Hatta Fort Hotel where you will bed down for the next couple of nights and enjoy the Arabian Nights BBQ under the stars!

STAGE 3: SHOWKA to Hatta


Distance: 72KM, Elevation: 1125M

Starting in a remote area of Wadi Showka, this is a very diverse mountain bike course which entails single track, jeep track and sealed roads.

Posing as the easiest stage of the race, this is an experience but don't let it fool you. By this stage the desert sun and gravel jeep tracks will have taken their toll on the most seasoned riders.

Again, we bike all the way to luxury by finishing in the grounds of the Hatta Fort Hotel. A dip in the waterfall pool is a must upon finishing this taxing stage!

Long winding wadis guide you home - refreshments are waiting!!

STAGE 4: Hatta to Hatta


Distance: 56KM, Elevation: 900M

Starting in the grounds of the 5* JA Hatta Fort Hotel, this is a very diverse mountain bike course which includes:  
"The Dam Climb"
Having already ridden over 15km at a high pace, riders need to tackle this muscle-sapping unforgiving MTB climb, but the views of the UAE along the way and at the top are amazing. Fueling up before the climb is imperative, because the remainder of the route is no walk-in-the-park either!
All the racers will be pleasantly surprised...there are plantations in Hatta...lots of them. This section is super-quick, quite tight...and littered with bunny hop ramps - a thrill on a mountain bike. This is definitely where the kid inside comes out to play. Fast, fast, fast!
"Mother Nature's Fury"
As the name suggests, racers are at the mercy of Mother Nature here. They are expected to carve their own lines up and over a valley ridge, then down the valley chute, then power through a wadi-bed gravel surface for another 2km out to the road. This is truly testing...of muscle, of mind, and of guts. Safety first!